hackathon decentraland
Decentraland GameJam a Resounding Success

After 2 weeks on a diet of pizza and beer, the hackers have finally submitted their final designs to be judged by the carefully selected panel of industry experts and community ambassadors. There were over 2000 developers register from around the globe, resulting in over 100+ qualifying entries, each of which will receive a minimum…

Chainbreakers Announced as Decentraland Launch Title

Decentraland announced this week that Chainbreakers, a strategic RPG set in ancient Greece, will be exclusively launching its new game on the Decentraland platform. Built and designed by Qwellcode, the game will span the length and breadth of Decentraland, and by doing so, offer opportunities for LAND owners to monetize their LAND by hosting sections…

cryptocarz decentraland
CryptoCarz Announces Plans for Decentraland Race Track

CryptoCarz, the VR racing game built on the blockchain, has announced they will be launching a racetrack in Decentraland where you can race your cars against other players in a multi-player environment. Blockchain Studios, the gaming studio behind CryptoCarz, is well known throughout the industry for pushing the limits of blockchain gaming to the maximum….

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