Decentraland Explorer Wanted

DCL Plazas is looking for a keen explorer to wander the BETA version of the metaverse in search of impressive builds and experiences.

Job Description

Spend some time wandering around Decentraland in search of interesting, unusual and impressive early builds taking screenshots and creating new entries in a spreadsheet as you go. These will then be added to the new DCL Plazas Interactive Map built for the community.


  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to adapt images to required size
  • Basic knowledge of spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of Decentraland
  • Time to burn


  • To be completed within 7 days
  • One off exploration, with view to more adventures in the future

How to apply

  • Get more information by joining DCL Rialto, then you will be able to send a direct message to us outlining your availability.
  • Applications via DCL Rialto ONLY