I am a qualified 2D and 3D artist specialised in creating models for Decentraland. My role is to work with you to create the right design for your project and then develop it. I deal with visual aspects of your projects so that your idea can be materialised effectively and eye-catchingly. This means the design works towards your specific project objectives to help propel you forwards.

Models and animations that can be made: Full scenes, architecture, landscapes, characters and objects.

Project Pipeline Example:

  1. tell me about your project
  2. I’ll send you a design document and concept board for your feedback

if you like the look of things this is what happens next:

  1. I can send you a budget and a schedule
  2. initial deposit of 30%
  3. I’ll send you the files for your feedback and approval
  4. remaining 70%

I’m proud to have previously worked with the Forest District, the Conference Center, the Democratic People’s Republic of Yetepey and Crypto Valley with some incredibly talented team members.

Perks 🙂

  • Can meet tight deadlines
  • Available for long and short term projects
  • Freelancer